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GPTAnywhere - The Ultimate ChatGPT Desktop Client

Effortless Communication with ChatGPT

GPTAnywhere is the ultimate ChatGPT desktop client designed to make communicating with ChatGPT effortless and efficient. With its powerful gpt-3.5-turbo technology, GPTAnywhere offers unparalleled accuracy and lightning-fast responses, ensuring that you always stay ahead of the game.


Easy one-click jailbreak with DAN

Access conversations offline

Accepts native terminal commands (beta)

Suggest powerful ChatGPT prompts each time a new tab is opened

Auto-save functionality for saving all your conversations with ChatGPT

Easy access from anywhere with a customizable keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts to open and close tabs

Seamless integration with both Windows and Mac

GPTAnywhere offers the perfect solution for multitasking while communicating with ChatGPT.

GPT-3.5-Turbo Technology

GPTAnywhere uses cutting-edge gpt-3.5-turbo technology, ensuring lightning-fast responses and unparalleled cost-efficiency, making communication with ChatGPT effortless and accurate.

Easily integrate ChatGPT inside any application on Windows.

Introducing GPTAnywhere, the ultimate ChatGPT experience - now available anywhere on your computer! With our innovative app, you can interact with ChatGPT from anywhere on your computer with a single keyboard shortcut. Gone are the days of going through multiple pages and clicking buttons to get what you want.

With GPTAnywhere, simply type your query and let the AI overlords do the rest. Whether you're looking for feedback on a rough-draft, looking for opinions on a startup idea, or just want to have a conversation with ChatGPT.

Why wait? Download our app today and unlock the ultimate gpt-3.5-turbo experience with GPTAnywhere.

Keyboard Shortcut: press Command + Shift + Space to show/hide GPTAnywhere.

ChatGPT inside any app in macOS

Experience PDFs like never before - chat with PDF for quick and easy answers!

ChatGPT for quick tasks, on your mac.

ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)

The magic of AI, right on your Mac

ChatGPT for Mac, living in your menubar.

ChatGPT for the desktop

Unofficial ChatGPT desktop app for Mac, Windows, & Linux menubar using Tauri & Rust