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πŸ‘₯ ChatGPT for Teams

Generate highly personalized responses for your business's online reviews on Google, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and many more in 50+ languages. Analyze your online reviews for common pain points and get actionable insights on how to improve customer satisfaction.

A free GPT-4 prototype chatbot generator. This tool allows you to create chatbots trained on your website, knowledge base, FAQ page, documents, etc. Chat, test, and share with your colleagues a fully-functional chatbot demo trained on your data.

Use ChatGPT collaboratively directly in slack.

InteraxAI offers an embeddable AI-powered widget to any website.

Not your regular ChatGPT in Slack

Blazingly fast way to interact with ChatGPT

A new app for Slack that uses ChatGPT

Bring ChatGPT to your team

Build ChatGPT bots on Slack/Discord answering on your docs

ChatGPT for meetings

Your new BFF for Slack based on ChatGPT AI/ML

Get product feedback from your users with ChatGPT