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GPT-PPT allows you to quickly create ready to edit PowerPoint presentations on your desired topic.

Only tool which gives a powerpoint output and full control.

GPTKit is a free, easy-to-use AI text generation detection tool that uses six different methods to accurately identify and classify machine-generated text. It provides reports on the authenticity and reality of the content analyzed

Interactive Concept Mapping with AI Copilot

Powerful ChatGPT, Bard & AI detector.

Youtube video showing how to use prompts to make flashcards on Chat GPT

OpenAI announced that it has begun introducing plugins for ChatGPT.

300+ GPT-4 uses cases to discover GPT-4's possibilities

OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT) has released a new model called GPT-4. The current free version of ChatGPT is powered by GPT-3, with a premium version of...

GPT-4 is pretty impressive, especially with the new image parsing capabilities. That gap between AI and your job is closing, make sure to level up.#chatgpt #...

Learn how you can easily create a Chat GPT bot for iMessage using BlueBubbles! This is a tutorial on the setup process & customization of the bot

Oh, ChatGPT! Some 2 months on the market and a not so tiny ecosystem has developed all on its own, with lists of prompts, tips, APIs, use cases, extensions, success stories and failures. ChatGPT isβ€šΓ„ΒΆ

Improve Anything You Do With ChatGPT Practical Prompts