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Generate endless answers from all-knowing ChatGPT (in any language!)

ChatGPT LinkedIn Email Generator is a chrome extension that quickly creates a tailored email to a business prospect from their LinkedIn profile page. Its purpose is to increase your email response rate and help you sell more effectively.

The generated email includes a summary of the sender's (you) product, addresses possible recipients' objections and KPIs, and includes a clear call to action. The tool also considers the recipient's title and experience level. It adjusts the level of jargon to make the email easy to understand, positive and engaging.

Use our AI presentation tool to create fully-editable slides directly in Google Slidesβ„’. Skip the learning curve and automagically create slides in a familiar workflow. Simply type in your topic, and let Instant handle the rest!

Whether you're pitching investors, delivering a speech, or making a sales presentation, Instant AI has you covered. Simply enter your topic, presentation type, and desired slide length and our AI-powered tool will handle the heavy lifting.

Unlike other AI tools that create generic, boring, text-heavy layouts, Instant AI leverages a growing library of 100+ professionally-designed slide templates to automatically create diagrams, flowcharts and infographics that drive home your message.

Getting started is simple and quick:

β€’ Install the app from the Google Workspaceβ„’ by clicking the "Install" button.

β€’ Enter your presentation topic, type, and length

β€’ Choose your fonts & colors to match your brand

β€’ Click Generate and Instant AI will write & design your slides!

Don't waste time on tedious slide creation. Try Instant today and create captivating presentations in a matter of minutes!

TypeGenie is a Chrome extension that brings the power of ChatGPT to every website you visit. Whether you're browsing the latest news headlines, scrolling through social media, or shopping online, our extension will bring the power of GPT to you.

AI assistant for email. Get to inbox zero 10x faster with pre-written 1-click replies written in your tone of voice.

Generate YouTube videos summary using ChatGPT for free

Browser extension that brings chatGPT to all your websites

Integrate ChatGPT into your favorite social platform and take your conversations to the next level.

Quick access to ChatGPT from any website!

BraveGPT brings the magic of ChatGPT to Brave Search results by adding answers to the sidebar.

DuckDuckGPT brings the magic of ChatGPT to DuckDuckGo results by adding answers to the sidebar.

GPT-4 & ChatGPT Chrome Copilot. Write, rephrase, summarize, translate, or explain any text on any website without copy-pasting.